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palletizer manufacturer:Advantages and precautions of automatic palletizer

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palletizer manufacturer:Advantages and precautions of automatic palletizer

palletizer manufacturer:Advantages and precautions of automatic palletizer

The palletizer is mainly used for tying goods. Its efficiency is extremely high. Usually, it takes only 1.5~3 seconds for a palletizer to be bundled once. However, once the palletizer fails, it will not 

work normally, which has a great impact on production. Although it is unavoidable, it can reduce the occurrence of faults as long as we operate strictly, thus improving the efficiency of production.

Advantages of the palletizer:we are provide cheap palletizer for sale and palletizer design,you can know it.

1.High production efficiency: According to the requirements and the kiln body condition, the best modulus configuration can be completed, and the maximum amount of brick blanks can be completed in the 

same time, which can be customized.

2.Convenient waste disposal: The belt conveyor is equipped with automatic waste exiting system, so that the scraps of the mud strips are automatically separated from the belt conveyor and returned to the 

returning system.

3,the ability to adapt: ??the size of the bricks can be customized to burn the bricks to make appropriate adjustments, so that the quality of brick products is better, the cost is lower.

4.Safer: It is equipped with a machine lock when the robot is not working. There are robot rotation warning lights and related warning areas and reminders during operation. During the inspection, there is 

a safety inspection platform above the rack.

5.Wide application: applicable to various brick types such as standard brick, perforated brick and block brick; suitable for various tunnel kiln specifications with width between 2.5m and 3.0m; stacking 

height standard layer with 13 layers (according to kiln The height of the body is designed to be the number of layers required.

Things to be aware of when using a palletizer:

1.Strictly follow the instructions when installing the components. In order to prevent the loosening of the tape, do not disassemble the wrapping paper and the rope before loading, and then remove it 

after the tape is fixed.

2.Preheating equipment, after loading and wearing the belt, open the power switch on the front panel of the baler. After a few seconds of warm-up, the temperature of the hot head reaches the working 

requirement, and the packaging can begin.

3.The temperature adjustment button is well known. The packing temperature of the baler is not enough to adjust the "temperature controller", the right rotation can increase the temperature of the hot 

head, and the left rotation can lower the temperature.

4.Control of the bundling frequency. Adjust the "feed length adjuster" on the front panel according to the size of the object to be packed. Each cell represents the delivery time in seconds. Do not put it 

at 0, which will result in the belt not being delivered.

5.If necessary, you can manually operate. When packing, there is not enough length of the strap. You can press the “manual strap” button to send the strap.

In addition, for the sake of safety, the palletizer is also equipped with an emergency automatic stop device. Of course, it is also possible to control the stop time arbitrarily, because there is an 

unexpected situation when the equipment is running.we are provide cheap palletizer for sale and Palletizer Design.we are provide cheap palletizer for sale and palletizer design,you can know it.

Therefore, safety is the most important. No matter what kind of machinery and equipment we use, we must ensure safe production, which is the most important part to improve production efficiency.

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