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Silicon Calcium Plate Automatic Production Line


Product Description

Silicon calcium plate (high crystal plate) automatic production line quotation

Item Configuration Number Specification Power
Automatic feeding system012 tons of tank1Φ1m,
Height: 3m

02Screw conveyor 115m3KW
03Screw conveyor 214m1.5KW
04Tank mixer1
Mixer system01Mixer turntable1
02Mixing pot5Material: Stainless steel
03Stirring motor5
04Discharge cylinder5

05Water pump11cube
06High pressure pumps1
Molding conveyor system01Transport frame body (total length 46 meters)1C-shaped steel
02Conveyor chain 16A
03Positive film drive sprocket8Φ400* 4,Φ200*44KW
04Positive film130Dimensions: 680*680
05Endless conveyor belt1Length: 80m,Width:0.7m
Thickness: 4mm

06Pressure roller40Length: 680mmφ50 Round steel
07Reverse film conveying spindle2Φ400
08Anti-membrane90Dimensions: 680*680
09Endless conveyor belt1Length: 66m
Width: 0.69m
Thickness: 4mm

10Conveyor belt roller120Φ60*700
11Vibration motor1
12Vibration motor1
Belt conveyors01Transport frame1Length: 2.5m
02Ring belt1Length: 5m
Trimmer01Conveyor belt4Length: 5m0.75KW
02Trimming motor4No tooth saw blade φ1100.37KW*4
03Steering wheel1Cylinder control
Dust collecting system01Bag-style dust collector1

02High pressure air


04Dust absorption hose18

05Dust absorption pipe5

06Dust bag42

07Pulse controller1

Electronic control system01Console,Electric box


Electrical adopt:  domestic famous brand bearing, Siemens PLC system, Shenzhen (INOVANCE)transducer, low-voltage electrical components CHINT / Delixi, Domestic famous brand Motors

1.The air compressor and 1 cubic water tank used in the production line are provided by the customer.

2.The decorative plates produced by this quotation mold weigh approximately 2.5 kg each.

3.Production line speed 5-8 pieces / minute

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