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Gypsum Cutting Machine

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Product Description

Gypsum Cutting Machine Specification:

Dimensions Length 9600 × width 2910 × height 1250
Working speed Maximum speed 20 meters per minute
Power 22KW
Total mass 2387kg

Gypsum Cutting Machine product manual:

gypsum cutting machine manufacturer told The equipment is suitable for various veneer gypsum board, calcium silicate board, extruded board, phenolic board, gypsum ceiling, calcium silicate board, foam board, fire board, glass magnesium board and so on. Split-type high-speed cutting saw, cutting size can be adjusted, cutting thickness 50mm, stable operation, fast cutting speed, high precision, fixed by cylinder pressure, one-button start of the whole cutting stroke, high degree of automation, easy operation, high precision fast.

 Gypsum Cutting Machine Features:

1. High-strength cast iron headstock and slewing mechanism, precision bilinear guide

2. Reinforced steel plate body guarantees extremely high rigidity and precision retention

3. Powerful 3.0KW single-phase motor or 4.0KW three-phase motor can be selected.

4. The spindle uses precision tapered roller bearings to maintain maximum rigidity.

5. Poly-V belt drive ensures sufficient smoothness and torque.

6. Ultra-wide high-strength aluminum precision sliding pusher. The main workbench with T-slot facilitates the installation of various accessories.

7. Independent motor drive line saw blade to ensure that the board is cut without burrs.

8. The saw blade can be rotated 0-45 degrees for angle cutting (6128)

  Maintenance of panel saw

1. According to the workload, the machine should be regularly dust-removed to ensure the normal heat dissipation of the motor.

2. Regularly dust the pusher track to ensure smooth running of the push table

3. Check the belt regularly and find that the wear should be replaced in time.

4. Regularly fill the lubricating parts of the fuselage to ensure the stability and quietness of the equipment.

Multi-chip saw equipment features

5. The foam concrete slab cutting system adopts advanced automatic control program, automatic cross cutting, vertical cutting, reverse rotation, translation, automatic removal of waste, no need for human operation in the middle, realizing the true foam concrete cutting automation.

6. The whole set of mixing equipment is mainly composed of electronic metering device, automatic feeding device, slurry mixing equipment, touch operating system, etc., automatic batching, electronic metering, high degree of automation, accurate measurement and precise operation and control.

7. User-friendly intelligent operating system. The electrical control adopts the desktop operation console. The main components are international famous brands with interlocking and secondary protection. It is equipped with full Chinese dynamic process operation interface, real-time monitoring and alarm prompts; control system one-button operation, with automatic and manual Function, equipped with emergency manual control operating device. The whole operating system is beautiful and intuitive.

8. The whole production line adopts advanced three-dimensional design and combines the advantages of domestic and foreign models, as well as efficient production and processing technology to ensure the unification of technology and quality. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure design, convenient production and operation, high production efficiency and good product quality.

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Multi-chip saw technology features

1. Using multi-saw cutting, the large blank can be cut into dozens at a time, and the cutting speed is 10 to 30 times that of the general cutting machine.

2. The cutting specifications are variable. This machine can cut the blank into different specifications according to the requirements of the product. The cutting thickness can be from 30mm to 500mm.

3. The cutting size is accurate and the error is small.

4. It can cut large blanks, the width of the blank can be more than 1000mm, the length can reach more than 3000mm, the height can reach 600mm, and the application range is wide.

5. Small installed capacity, power saving, low cutting energy consumption.

6. The structure is simple and compact, the maintenance is convenient, the floor space is small, and the cutting person is small.

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Be good at learning, learn from others, collect eclecticism, innovate and develop, keep pace with the times, introduce, research and develop the latest technology, so that the company's products have more vitality.

Pursuing excellence is our unremitting goal

gypsum cutting machine manufacturer told Our responsibility to our customers is to provide superior products and services. Maintaining and improving our company's product and service leadership is our primary responsibility.

"Customer first, reputation-based", our company is willing to develop with new and old customers at home and abroad with excellent products and thoughtful service!

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