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about calcium silicate board equipment

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about calcium silicate board equipment

Calcium silicate board using field is very broad, such as, in the construction field can be used for indoor partition walls, suspended ceiling, ceiling and indoor ground laid; Calcium silicate cement can be used in outdoor environment the fire characteristics of high strength, is used as exterior wall hangs Taiwan or outer wall surface, and can be used for exterior insulation and permanent template;

Industrial construction sector, calcium silicate cement can make use of the characteristics of its fire resistance to high temperature is used in the power plant flue, heat preservation, boiler, chemical pipe devices such as industrial kiln furnace wall and bulkhead of the ship, can also be used in tunnel fire protection at the top of the concrete board and import and export of interior wall decorating plate and high iron sound insulation screen, subway, etc.; 

Lightweight and convenient calcium silicate board use in commercial buildings, shopping malls, hotels, factories, warehouses, and new homes, decorate a refurbished public areas, hospitals, theatres, station, etc. Its main purpose is to the wall, condole top, floor, furniture, sound insulation, sound absorption, road barrier, Marine bulkhead and air duct and other industrial plate and sound-absorbing wall, sound-absorbing ceiling, casting wall, composite wall panels, etc. 

Calcium silicate board, with its lightweight, fire prevention, moistureproof, prevent mildew, easy to cut and construction of unique properties, has been welcomed by consumers.

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