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What is the gypsum board cutting method?

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What is the gypsum board cutting method?

What is the gypsum board cutting method?

First of all, your thoughts should be adjusted. There is no difficulty to stump you. Give you the hard work and live. You see that it is the training of your will to strengthen your patience, increase your sense of responsibility, work hard, do all your work, you Will get unexpected gains.

If you do a good job of interpersonal relationships, it is a blessing to lose money, and you will be used slowly. You bring a wallpaper, a saw, a petal screw, and if there is a joinery in the plasterboard, it is necessary to bring a hand saw and pliers.

Gypsum cutting machine Manufacturer told According to different specifications of different sizes, there are different main parameters of ternary four-side cutting saw: Dimensions: 7.4m (length) × 3.32m (width) × 1.2m (height) Installed capacity: 16kw Board specifications: 2.44m (3.0) (L) × 1.22m (1.3) (W) Board thickness: 3mm - 80mm Working efficiency: 5m / min Reference price 26000 Jiahe gypsum board cutting saw Dimensions: 13m * 2.8m *1.4m cutting plate: 1220*2440mm Cutting specifications: 595*595mm, 603*603mm Cutting power: 17.6kw Dust removal power: 5.5kw Use: Suitable for cutting of gypsum board, magnesite board and other plates.

Fast speed, high precision, low noise and greatly reduced labor intensity. Reference price 36000 Model: HL-124 trimming saw Main parameters: Dimensions: 13m (length) × 2.4m (width) × 1.2m (height) Installed capacity: 16kw plate specification: 595 × 595 600 × 600 plate Thickness: 3mm-80mm Working efficiency: 5m/min reference price 28000 is generally more than 10,000 yuan for large-scale cutting saws, while small ones are relatively cheap and 283 are the highest 9000 but the cutting efficiency is not as large as that of large ones. .

Gypsum cutting machine Manufacturer told We are unique in the industry with its unique production process. Its products have been in short supply and are favored by customers.

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