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The development history of China's gypsum line machine

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The development history of China's gypsum line machine

The gypsum line machine is called the gypsum line line equipment, and the gypsum board is mainly used for building ceilings. The development of China's gypsum line machine has gone through the following stages.

In the late 1970s, the first automatic production line with an annual output of 4 million square meters of gypsum board was independently put into operation with the Hangzhou Design and Research Institute of China's new building materials industry, which filled the gap in China.

In the early 1980s, the former Ministry of Building Materials Industry invested in the construction of 12 paper gypsum board production lines with an annual output of 4 million square meters in several new building materials bases.

In the early 1980s, Beixin Building Materials introduced an internationally advanced automatic production line with an annual output of 20 million square meters from KNAUF, Germany, which enabled the production capacity of China's paper gypsum board to be improved.

Second, along with the promotion of wall materials reform in China and the development of the construction industry, the market demand for paper gypsum board is growing stronger. Wuhan Dahua Machinery is unique in its ability to invest in provinces and achieve quick results. In the past year, China's paper gypsum board industry has invested and built factories. The domestic paper gypsum board maximizes the design capacity of the production line.

Third, after entering the 21st century, China's paper gypsum board industry has entered a period of rapid development. The sign is that the country has successively issued a series of related industrial policies to support the development of gypsum board, encouraging the use of industrial by-product gypsum raw materials. Production of gypsum board and support from fiscal and taxation policies.

The state supports large-scale gypsum board enterprises from the policy environment and development environment to become bigger and stronger. Beixin Building Materials, Shandong Taishan, Saint-Gobain, Lafarge, Knauf and other large-scale paper production companies adhere to the scientific and technological innovation, and adopt new technology, new technology and equipment with international advanced level in the production process, and improve the paper surface. By the way, the ability to compete internationally.we are provide gypsum cornice machine brands,you can know it.

The raw materials used in the production of gypsum board have undergone fundamental changes. Gypsum board has become an important industry for the elimination of waste, comprehensive utilization and development of circular economy.

After facing the challenges of an extremely complex macroeconomic environment, it is necessary for the gypsum line factory companies to change their business strategies in 2016. Many gypsum line equipment manufacturers began to strengthen their brand building in the process of market transformation to better seize this blank area.

Since 2016, the cost of labor and prices of gypsum line equipment manufacturers in the Mainland have increased more than those in coastal cities such as Guangdong. Even ordinary workers are hard to find, and those with a lot of technical expertise have higher requirements for treatment. As a result, the cost of human resources in the gypsum line factory has increased a lot, virtually increasing the operating costs of the gypsum line factory.

The haze over the gypsum line factory industry has not dissipated last year. This year's gypsum line factory market is even less optimistic. The market is difficult to do, workers leave, raw material prices increase, logistics costs increase by 10%... These all make companies miserable.

Some experts predict that this year is the key year for the reshuffle of the custom gypsum line factory industry. The middle and low-end enterprises that do not have much working capital will be eliminated. Contrary to the above phenomenon, the high-end gypsum wire factory field has not only been affected by the sluggish environment of the gypsum line factory market, but also achieved a growth of 20%-40%.

The person in charge of a number of real plaster line factory solutions said that high-end products have not been hit by the market. High-end consumers are not concerned about price, but quality, technology, service, design and so on. As long as the bidding program satisfies the customer, other details are well resolved.

As always, we insist on customer first, quality assurance, and honesty. The letter-based business philosophy is the right choice for enterprise development.

In the future development path, our company will continue to adhere to the quality of technology as the core competitiveness, based on excellent products and sincere service, has fully satisfied the needs of customers as their responsibility, and make the enterprise bigger and stronger.


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