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How to choose a palletizer

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How to choose a palletizer

How to choose a palletizer

palletizer is also called the ton bag packaging. It is mainly composed of feeding structure, lanyard structure, unwinding structure, weighing system, precision control valve and so on. Its appearance has reduced the work intensity of workers, improved the efficiency of work, improved the working environment, and met the environmental protection requirements of environmental inspectors in recent years.

1.The ton bag packaging machine is divided into a powder ton bag packaging machine, a granule ton bag packaging machine, a large granule ton bag packaging machine, a tablet ton bag packaging machine, etc. according to the different forms of packaging materials.we are provide cheap palletizer for sale,We can guarantee quality.

From the different ways of weighing the material, it is divided into gravity feeding, vibration feeding, spiral feeding, belt feeding and so on. The weighing range is generally in the range of 500-3000 kg. Therefore, the first step is to select the type to determine the shape of the packaging material, powder, granules or flakes.

2.The range of the ton bag packaging machine. This should be determined in conjunction with our actual use requirements.

3.The characteristics of the material, whether it is easy to dust, whether it is easy to absorb moisture, whether it is toxic, whether it is not suitable for labor, etc.

4.The measurement accuracy of the packaging scale, because this parameter will be related to the efficiency of the enterprise and the quality of the packaging. However, in general, if it runs at a higher speed, the achievable accuracy may be lower, and vice versa, the higher the accuracy. Of course, if the accuracy can be guaranteed, then the faster the better.

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