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Advantages of improved gypsum cornice machine

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Advantages of improved gypsum cornice machine

Advantages of improved gypsum cornice machine

The gypsum cornice machine specializing in the production of gypsum lines has been improved to cut the gypsum lines faster, and the cut plates are more precise in size and more beautiful in the plates. The most important point is that it greatly saves the consumption of cutting machine parts and makes the equipment run more efficiently, quickly and stably.

1.The gypsum line machine adopts multi-saw cutting, which can cut the large blank into dozens of pieces at a time, and the cutting speed is 10 to 30 times that of the general cutting machine.

2.The cutting specifications are variable. This machine can cut the blank into different specifications according to the requirements of the product, and the cutting thickness can be from 30mm to 500mm.

3.The gypsum line machine has precise cutting dimensions and small errors.

4.The large blank can be cut. The maximum width of the blank can be more than 1000mm, the length can reach more than 3000mm, the height can reach 600mm, and the application range is wide.

5.The gypsum line machine has small installed capacity, saves electricity and has low cutting energy consumption.we are gypsum cutting machine manufacturer and provide gypsum cornice machine for sale,we can guarantee quality.

6.The gypsum line machine has a simple and compact structure, convenient maintenance, small floor space and less cutting.

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