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Optional instructions for gypsum line machinery

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Optional instructions for gypsum line machinery

The gypsum block produced by the gypsum line mechanical equipment has high precision and smooth wall. The gypsum line mechanically formed gypsum block has high dimensional precision, smooth and smooth surface, accurate fit, no cracking deformation, and the breaking load can reach more than 3000 Newtons. The blocks are staggered with gypsum binder, which is suitable for the operation habits of bricklayers in China. No special tools or equipment are required during construction.

For the gypsum line machinery, before each corner device, cut the engraving slider in the corner line into a perfect flower, remove the sliding edge, align the cutting corner line with the position of the wooden block on the nail top corner, and push it away. Engraving inserts, inserting 2-3 round nails, pushing each nail one by one, and finally pasting the carved glass adhesive paste on the final interface to cover the nail holes to achieve a seamless effect.

When buying a gypsum production line, the quality and price of the gypsum vary. When purchasing, choose a plaster line that matches the height of the house, the color of the wall, and the degree of decoration. Different installation methods will have different effects.

The gypsum pipeline machinery and equipment shall prevent the gypsum pipeline from being deformed by pressure, the joint shall be smooth, the pipe body shall be clean, and the pipeline shall be vertical. The actions of the installer should be skilled, agile and appropriate. The oiler is preferably finished with a sandpaper polishing process. The function should ensure that seams or shackles are not visible and should be combined with the indoor environment.

Gypsum line machinery, gypsum line is a kind of gypsum product, usually used for interior decoration as a corner line, around the edge of the roof, with various signs that can pass through the water pipe. Practical and beautiful, practical and beautiful, low price, with fire, moisture, heat preservation, sound insulation, heat insulation, can play the role of luxury decoration.

Gypsum production line machinery

At present, the better advanced Wuhan gypsum production line. The gypsum hollow block integral wall has excellent fire resistance - because the gypsum itself has a unique molecular structure of calcium sulfate. 2H2O contains crystal water (containing 20 angstroms; crystal water and free water). In the case of fire, the wall can evaporate about 10 kg of water per square meter before the temperature rises sharply.

The gypsum line machine, combined with the gypsum hollow block wall is gypsum, which makes the steam form a vapor curtain in the hollow, effectively playing the role of flame retardant and prolonging the fireproof time. After the test of the fixed fire extinguishing system and the refractory quality supervision and inspection center (Tianjin), the gypsum block wall was tested for fire resistance for 4 hours.

The insulation capacity is 5 times that of concrete. Therefore, it is a new type of wall material with excellent fire performance. The inner wall of the gypsum block is green and comfortable. The gypsum block has a respiratory function and its structure has a unique microporous system that absorbs excess moisture from the room. When the humidity is lowered, the moisture can be released again without affecting the firmness of the wall.we are provide gypsum cornice machine brands,you can know it.

Gypsum line machinery, when the humidity is high, there is no condensed water on the wall, and the life is very comfortable. Natural gypsum can not only be used as a food additive, but medical gypsum does not cause any harm to human skin, which indicates that gypsum is a non-radioactive green material.

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